Last Minute Summer Getaway

The new  school year is quickly approaching, and for me that means my last year of high school. I’m excited,  but also stressed about college applications upon college applications. A little beach get away was just what I needed! 

For myself, packing is a love hate kind of thing. I decided to try and enjoy my packing, and only pack pieces I was hands down in love with! This in turn, made my suitcase look like a color explosion! I always find that if I pack only the items I love, I will have more fun and feel more confident when I’m on vacation.

Once my suitcase was packed, it was off to Florida! Naturally, the first thing I wanted to do was hit the beach. The breeze, the sand, and the beautiful views make the beach one of my favorite places to go!

Of course, a vacation isn’t complete without a little shopping. I stopped at a resort store in Florida that happened to carry Lilly Pulitzer. I was like a kid in a candy store! Naturally, most of the items in that store were a little to pricey for my liking, but I still had fun trying things on!

( I did however buy some accessories for my planner which will be a whole other post coming very soon! )

All in all, a little vacation was all I needed to recharge my battery for the upcoming school year. Keep your eyes out for a back to school planner posts and some outfit ideas for school!

Until next time



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