Preppy Girl Tag!

Since I call myself “Pinky and the Prep” I thought it was only appropriate to do the Preppy Girl Tag!

I hope you all enjoy, and if you think that you’re preppy, try the tag!!

1. Your definition of preppy?

I think preppy is classic clothing, always put together and classy!

2. What’s your favorite brand?

Well above all has to be Lilly Pulitzer, but that’s not my wallets favorite! I also love Tommy Hilfiger and of course all the southern brand like Vineyard Vines and Simply Southern.

3. What’s your favorite Lilly print?

Tusk in the Sun

4. J. Crew or Sperry


5. Opinion on Oxfords?

I think the shirts are adorable, although I do not own one, and I am not sure if I could pull one off.

6. Duck Boots, Ridding boots, or Hunters?

For day to day I would have to pick ridding boots! But duck boots are a close close second.

7. Navy or Black?

Navy all the way!!

8. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love J. Crew?

I feel like this is going to be an unpopular answer, but I don’t shop there much.. so I’ll have to give it a 6.

9. Favorite Ralph Lauren item?

Oddly enough, their jeans are my favorite! They are so soft and super flattering!

10. Pearls or Bows?


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